No matter what game you play and how easy it is – there’s always a probability of taking some kind of damage.

It is just too tough to complete a game without taking any damage.

Of course, even though you survive the game, taking damage is almost certain every time.

But, maybe, not for players like Smallant1 – when he managed to beat Pokemon Platinum without taking any damage.

Every gamer might have thought of doing something similar but it is usually very tough. Here, Smallant1 shared a video of him playing the Pokemon platinum and then finishing it with no damage taken.

Here’s the clip if you want to take a look:

During the gameplay, he also managed to get a level 100 pokemon, which did not make things easy though. The player had to expect the unexpected from the opponents, so it was constantly challenging as you can see in the video.

In a coverage by Polygon, he mentioned that it took him about 138 in-game hours to do it and stay focused all the time.

That’s definitely a lot of time, which makes it tough to stay patient while focusing on how to not take any damage – which is obviously tricky.

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