You might own one of the more sought after Birkin handbag, but no matter how expensive the handbag might be, it still is unable to juice up a device that is all out of battery power. Not so with Richard Nicoll’s latest phone-charging tote, where the British designer has worked with telecommunications company Vodafone to roll out this battery-powered carryall which holds enough charge to power a smartphone or a tablet (assuming the tablet will not cramp your style by taking up plenty of space in your handbag) on-the-go without any fuss. The bag will juice itself up magnetically via induction, so there is no need to carry an unsightly power cable with you wherever you go. Nicoll claims that this tote bag will be able to hold enough charge for two day’s use on average.

This particular bag will feature a retractable cable so that you can conveniently use your smartphone even when it is charging. Once the bag is out of juice, attach the included magnetic charger to its exterior, and it ought to get charging right away. The presence of a Bluetooth-enabled LED charm will be able to inform you of incoming calls, phone notifications, as well as the status of the available battery life.

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