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Government Can Potentially Hack iPhones Without Backdoors
Recently, Apple dropped its plan to introduce encrypted iCloud backups after FBI complained.However, it seems that the government does not need to rely on smartphone manufacturers for help with backdoors to access someone’s device when required.In a series of tests conducted by the National Institue and Standard Technology (NIST) listed at the official website of Homeland Security – it looks like they already have a way to get access to […]

Honor View 20 ReviewEditor's Pick
The Honor View 20 brings incredible value and performance for photo lovers and gamers but watch out for the price in your market

Moto X4 Review
#IFA2017 The Moto X4 was released in early September 2017 at IFA/Berlin and was originally targeted at the mid-range market. The main features include a dual camera, hands-free support for Alexa voice assistant, Tempow Audio profile (TAP) a unique technology that allows to stream audio to four devices simultaneously. But what really sets the Moto X4 apart is its impressive, unique, and shiny new design!

LG V30 ReviewEditor's Pick
#IFA2017 – As we head into the holiday season, most companies will complete their line of products to compete. The LG V30 is the 3rd generation of LG V-Series handset, a line of product that is designed for power users and the creative types. While the LG G6 aims to please the largest number of people, the LG V30 specifically targets those who go off the path, taking time to […]


ZTE MAX XL for Boost Mobile Review
Today, ZTE unveiled its new MAX XL entry level smartphone for the Sprint Boost Mobile network. Positioned as the contender of the Samsung Galaxy J7, the other smartphone offered by Boost Mobile, the large 6-inch ZTE MAX XL is available today for only $129.99 MRSP.On the Boost Mobile site, the Samsung Galaxy J7 costs $199 without discount (today a $70 discount is offered) and most of the prices found on […]

How to store Apps on SD card (Android)
There was no way to store apps on SD Card earlier. The Android tinkerers preferred to achieve root access in order to store apps on SD Card. But, following the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, some of the Android smartphones started offering the ability to its users to store apps on SD Card. And, it has been a consistent feature on many Android smartphones but not all.

iPhone 7 ReviewEditor's Pick
The iPhone celebrates its 10th year in 2017, and there’s no question that it is a huge force in the smartphone market. It is also more than half of Apple’s business, and as Apple’s flagship product, it competes at the highest level against a very strong Android competition.If you read this review, you are probably weighing if you should buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and assuming that […]

LG V20 Review
At long last, the LG V20 has officially launched. With leaks starting back in mid-July and LG starting to tease the device in late August there was a good hype build up around it. Most of the rumors (not all) turned out to be true, and the first image leaks were accurate. We now had the device on hand and were able to form an opinion based on a short, real-world […]

How to Call Your Phone
If you are the only person in your household, then you never want to misplace your phone in your home. Sometimes your phone travels to the notorious nook and cranny where locating it is almost impossible for the human eye. However, there are certain ways you can find your phone without having to search for it. Since you’re living alone, it’s certain that you can not ask anyone else to […]

Lenovo VIBE S1 Lite Selfie Smartphone Announced
[CES 2016] A couple of years ago, front-facing cameras on smartphones were mostly used for video conferencing. However with selfies having already boomed, it seems that front-facing cameras are now just as important as the rear-facing ones as they will allow for high-quality selfie snaps.If you are the sort of person who loves taking selfies, Lenovo has a new phone that you could be interested in. This phone comes in […]

HTC One A9 Review: Hands-On
The HTC One line has had an iconic design since the HTC One M7. The M8 won worldwide applause for inheriting the same design language and build quality. However, the One M9 was criticized for looking too similar, especially when competitors like the Galaxy S6 Edge were coming out with fresh designs.HTC’s reaction has been swift and efficient: in about a year, HTC’s design team has come up with a great […]

LG V10: LG’s New Top Multimedia Handset
LG Korea has just announced the LG V10, the first of a series of V-Series multimedia-oriented smartphones. The V10 has been designed with power-users or enthusiasts in mind: those who want a better experience, of course, but also things like a removable battery, a MicroSD slot and a very high durability – out of the box. According to LG, the V10 delivers all that, and more.

How To Fix Wet Cell Phones And Tablets
Electronics and water never go well together and cell phones are not an exception. Cell phones are portable and are always with us, even in the bathroom. So, they are more vulnerable to dropping into water, whether it is just a splash of water or a swirl in the washing machine.If the dip is not too long, then most probably you will be able to save your phone with the […]

Droplet Smart Reminder Enters Kickstarter Phase
Droplet happens to be a smart, wireless button which is discreet enough to be attached to just about anything. In fact, all that you need to do is to tap the button in order to keep track activities including the likes of household chores, fitness goals and even the taking of one’s medication. The moment you are done with your particular task, press the Droplet button, and you would have […]