Samsung not responsible for the Wake Up flash mob protest

In response to the recent events that involved Samsung as the “supposed” mastermind to yesterday’s “Wake-Up” flash mob protest in an Apple Store in Australia, Samsung Electronics Australia said that the company has “nothing to do” with the protest.  “Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up” campaign,” the company said.

Of course, Samsung came to mind as the company has a history of poking at Apple with the very recent “iSheep” advert that featured  a herd of sheep and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on it. So, who’s the culprit here? We’re hearing that Vodafone Australia could be a possible mastermind. The suspicious Wake Up Australia website that is currently ticking its countdown clock has a big event on May 6.

If you will look further, the domain of the site is actually registered to Tongue, an Australian marketing company that has previously worked for Vodafone in the past (but we don’t know who this is ultimately for). Still, this raises a question: why would Vodafone Australia, also an iPhone and iPad seller, plot such campaign? But at least, this is clear now: Samsung went on record to say this has nothing to do with them.

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