Smart Monitor has recently announced their flagship device called the SmartWatch, but bear in mind that it be available only in limited quantities throughout the US. Just what is the SmartWatch? Will it be anything of the sort equivalent to the Smart TV or Smart Window? Well, the SmartWatch is a patented device which is capable of continuously monitoring an area for movements, and should it detect excessive and repeated motion, it will be able to send out an alert. Apart from that, the wearer can also summon help (not from the Avengers or X-Men, unfortunately) by simply pushing a button.

According to Anoo Nathan, president of Smart Monitor, “For the first time, there is a technology that can be used to either summon help when needed or will automatically send alerts when it detects sustained excessive movements. This provides tremendous freedom for SmartWatch users, plus gives their family peace-of-mind.” Apart from that, the SmartWatch is also capable of tracking and recording the time, duration and location of any unusual occurrences. There was no mention of a price tag in the press release though. [Press Release]

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