Concept Case Turns Your Apple Watch Into An iPod

Apple’s iPod is no more, and that has been the case for several years now. Given that the iPhone and iPad do a more than capable job of storing and playing music, especially with Apple Music, it made sense that Apple would no longer need the iPod. However if you do miss the iPod, then this concept case might be of interest to you.

This Fallout-Themed Smartwatch Could Appeal To Fans

Are you a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout franchise? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that a Fallout-themed smartwatch has been announced which will basically put a miniature Pip-Boy on your wrist. For the most part, this is a regular smartwatch but it has been themed around the Fallout franchise.

New Nike Apple Watch Sport Bands & Loops Launched

Nike and Apple have been working together for the past few years, and in more recent times, we’ve seen that partnership extend to the Apple Watch where there are special Nike versions of the Apple Watch for those who are a fan of Nike and who might appreciate the special sports band that is used for the Nike Apple Watches.

Google’s Wear OS ‘H’ Update Focuses On Better Battery Life

If there is still a reason why people aren’t as quick to adopt a smartwatch is because of battery life. When you consider the fact that traditional timepieces need a change of battery maybe once every few years (some models are self-charging), the idea that you can only use your smartwatch for 1-2 days before it dies is a bit off-putting.


Apple Investigating Integrating A Camera Into An Apple Watch Band

Given how small and powerful camera technology is these days, it does seem tempting to try and put a camera into everything. However there are certain devices in which a camera doesn’t really make much sense, such as a smartwatch, but it seems that Apple could potentially be looking at doing just that.

Tidal App Launched For Samsung’s Smartwatches

Music is a great way to keep ourselves entertained or focus when we’re exercising, and if you’re the owner of a Samsung smartwatch, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Tidal has officially launched its app on Samsung’s smartwatches (via Engadget) where users will be able to use the app to play music on their wearables.

Spotify Testing Official Apple Watch App

You would think that with Spotify being available on iOS devices for so long, and with the Apple Watch having been around for years, that an official Spotify app for the Apple Watch would have been launched a long time ago. As many Spotify users know by now, this wasn’t the case, at least until now.

Apple Pulls watchOS 5.1 Update After Reports Of It Bricking Devices

Apple had recently released the watchOS 5.1 update which was meant to introduce new features, fixes, improvements, and more, but we’re sure that Apple did not intend for the update to brick devices because that’s exactly what it did, according to various reports in which quite a few users reported that their Apple Watches were bricked after installing the update.

New Coach Apple Watch Bands Released

It is no secret that Apple has always tried to position the Apple Watch as a luxury piece of tech, releasing metal and leather bands that aim to try and bring a touch of class to the device. They have also teamed up with various fashion houses, such as Hermes, who have created even more luxurious straps.

Apple To Investigate Alleged Illegal Labor For Apple Watch

Apple has come under fire in the past where it has been pointed out that a few of Apple’s suppliers and manufacturing partners have used illegal labor, namely workers who are below the legal working age. To Apple’s credit they have worked swiftly to deal with this issues, but it looks like the problem has reared its ugly head again.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Can Be Used Outside Of The US

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the features of the smartwatch is the built-in ECG monitoring tool. However Apple did note that the feature will not be available at launch and will arrive at a later date. It was also mentioned that it will be limited to the US, presumably due to regulatory clearances required for different regions and markets.

Apple Watch Used As A Logging Tool During An Emergency

The Apple Watch has been credited multiple times over the years in helping to save lives. This is thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor which can detect abnormalities in your heart rate, and will notify the wearer when it is unusually high, which can sometimes be symptom of an impending heart attack.

Spotify For Wear OS Gets A Brand New App

If you like listening to music on the go and you have a Wear OS smartwatch, there’s a good chance that Spotify could be one of the apps and services you use. The good news is that if you thought that Spotify app on Wear OS could stand to do with some improvements, you’ll be pleased to learn that’s exactly what happened.

Huawei Watch GT Smartwatch Launched

Huawei has been dabbling in smartwatches for the past few years, with 2017 bringing us the Huawei Watch 2. Now it looks like the company is back with a third iteration of its smartwatch in the form of the Huawei Watch GT, a watch that we’ve been hearing about for a while now based on various leaks and rumors, some of which have since been confirmed at Huawei’s event in […]