MMOs are great for meeting people online. While they might turn out to be great friends that you share a guild with for the next 5 years, or if they’re someone you add to your ignore list 5 minutes later is a different story all together. Interestingly however, Sony has filed for a patent that appears to suggest that online gamers should meet up. No, we’re not talking about some sort of dating service by Sony, but rather meeting up in real life would constitute as playing the game and where players could be rewarded with incentives if they were to participate in real-world gatherings. We’re not sure what sort of incentives we’re talking about here, maybe achievements, loot, exclusive items, etc. Given how often we’re being taught about the dangers of meeting people online (as you never know what sort of people are out there), we’re not sure how successful such a program might be if it were to be launched. What is your take on this?

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