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Apple Looking Into Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring With Apple Watch
The Apple Watch can read our heart rates continuously throughout the day. This is useful to try and gauge your overall heart health. Now it seems that Apple wants to expand on the Apple Watch’s health monitoring features as thanks to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that the company is now looking at the potential of continuous blood pressure monitoring.

Apple Could Bring Force Touch To The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar
From what we can tell, Apple’s ambitions for pressure-sensitive displays on their mobile devices are pretty much dead, even when it comes to wearables like the Apple Watch where it first debuted. However, it could possibly continue to live on in Apple’s computing devices like the MacBook Pro.

Google Could Bring Its Radar Technology To Future Chromebooks
One of the nifty features we saw Google introduce in the Pixel 4 was radar-sensing technology, also known as Project Soli. Granted it might come across as novel and somewhat gimmicky, but on paper it does hold a lot of promise. So much so that Google might be considering applying it to future Chromebooks and wearables as well.

Another Patent Suggests That Face ID Could Come To Macs
Ever since Face ID was introduced to the iPhone, many have been wondering if the day could come that Apple might bring it to the Mac. After all, they did bring Touch ID to MacBook laptops, so why not Face ID, right? Now that the M1 MacBook laptops have been released, it seems that we could be one step closer.


Apple Looking To Make Its AR Glasses More Durable
If you’re someone who wears prescription glasses, you know how easy they are to get dirty and damaged. This is going to pose a problem for companies like Apple who are rumored to be making their own augmented reality smart glasses, which we imagine will run into similar issues as prescription glasses.

Apple Wants To Put Its LiDAR Sensor Into Self-Driving Cars
In order for self-drivings cars to be able to detect what’s around them, like people, objects, or other cars, it relies on a variety of sensors. One of those sensors is LiDAR which Apple has famously included in its newer iPads and also the iPhone 12 Pro series, and it looks like Apple is now taking that technology and applying it to a self-driving car system.

Apple’s In-Display Touch ID Could Use IR Technology
It has long been rumored that Apple has been exploring ways to possibly bring back Touch ID to its iPhones. The company’s current-generation of iPhones relies on facial recognition technology through Face ID, and they even implemented similar tech to the iPad, but there is a convenience to Touch ID that can’t be beaten by the likes of Face ID.

Canon Could Be Working On A Lens Attachment For Smartphones
Lens attachments for smartphones aren’t new, but oddly enough, traditional camera makers have shied away from this particular market segment. However, it seems that maybe, just maybe, Canon could be toying with the idea of creating a lens attachment accessory for smartphones.

Future MacBooks Could Sport Resizable Virtual Trackpads
Pretty much all laptops come with trackpads. After all, without trackpads, how are users expected to use the cursor on the screen unless they bring their own external mouse, which is not very convenient or practical for everyone. The trackpad concept has been around for decades, but it seems that Apple wants to shake things up.

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Allow Users To Compare Products Side-By-Side
One of the joys of shopping online is that you can easily and quickly compare prices. Say you  walk into a store and you see an item you like but it feels a bit too expensive. All you need to do is pull up your phone, type in the name of the product, and you should be able to find alternative retailers and prices.

Future Apple Pencil Could Come With A Built-In Screen
It might be easy to think of the Apple Pencil as a mere stylus, but it is more than that. It features support for things like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and also low latency to give off the feeling like you’re drawing with a real pen/pencil. However, it seems that future versions of the Apple Pencil could actually come with a stylus.

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Could Have A Self-Healing Display
The problem with foldable phones right now is that in order to get the display to bend and fold in such a manner, companies turn to the use of plastic-based screens. The obvious downside is that this is clearly less durable compared to glass, but the flexibility is what allows them to achieve a foldable design.

Apple Could Turn To Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Power Future iPhones And MacBooks
One of the drawbacks of current battery technology in our electronics is that they don’t last very long. Our smartphones and laptops barely get a day’s worth of battery, or even less if you’re a power user. Stuffing larger batteries inside them could fix the problem, but it’s not necessarily a long-term solution.

Lasers Could Help Future iPhones Detect Poisonous Gases And Air Quality
A lot of us probably take the air around us for granted, but if you’ve ever lived in a place with heavy pollution, or even more recently near an area affected by the wildfires, you know that the quality of the air we breathe is of the utmost importance. However, it wouldn’t be practical or even possible to bring around a device that can constantly monitor the air around us.