Facebook Has A Patent That Predicts Where You Might Go Next

Facebook already knows a lot about us, too much in fact, to the point where it can recognize people in your photos, locations that you’ve been, who you communicate with, and so on. Now it looks like Facebook is about to get creepier because in a patent discovered by BuzzFeed News, Facebook has a patent that tries to predict where you might go in the future.

Samsung Patents Completely Bezel-Less Smartphone

While a lot of smartphone makers are marketing their devices as having full screen displays, or edgeless displays, the fact of the matter is that there are still bezels, it’s just that they are now a lot less visible. However according to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems that Samsung has patented an idea for a truly bezel-less smartphone design.

Apple Patents ‘Universal’ AirPods With Built-In Biometrics

A good majority of our headphones these days still come with labels that indicate whether they should be worn in our left or right ear. However according to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Apple could be toying with the idea of creating a pair of “universal” AirPods, which can be worn in either ear.

Sony’s Potential Foldable Smartphone Revealed In Patent

Now that Samsung has officially taken the wraps off what appears to be a fully-functional foldable smartphone, it seems that the race is now on as other companies are working towards creating their own foldable devices too. Sony has been a bit mum on that front, but that doesn’t mean the company has not thought about it.


Sony Seemingly Developing New Style Of Gaming Cartridge

Right now in the portable gaming market, at least as far as the console makers are concerned, Nintendo has the market cornered with their 3DS handheld consoles, and to a certain extent the Nintendo Switch. Previously Sony would compete with Nintendo with their PS Vita, but we haven’t really heard much on what Sony plans to do on that front.

Future Animojis Could Add Sound Effects Based On Your Expression

One of the novel features that Apple showcased with the iPhone X that leveraged the TrueDepth camera system was Animoji. These are basically avatars whose eyes, mouth, and tongue can move in accordance to the face that the user is making. For the most part it is rather seamless, but one thing it lacks is sound effects.

LG Patents A Smartphone With 16 Camera Lenses

We’re sure that many thought the Huawei might have been pushing it a bit too far when it launched a smartphone with three cameras on the back. However Samsung answered with a smartphone with a quad-camera setup, and if LG were to have their way, a smartphone with a 16 camera lens array might be a possibility as well.

Oppo Patent For A Foldable Smartphone Discovered

It seems that Samsung won’t be alone in launching a foldable smartphone in the future. According to a recently discovered by patent by the folks at Mobielkopen, it seems that Oppo might have plans to launch a similar device as well, where for the most part it seems to follow the concept that most foldable smartphones follow.

Future Apple Watches Could Come With Built-In UV Sensor

Exposure to the sun is healthy as it gives us vitamin D, but at the same time too much exposure to the sun can be bad as the UV rays have the potential to cause skin cancer. However how much exposure is too much exposure? That’s something Apple is hoping to tell users in the future, with UV sensors built into the Apple Watch.

Facebook Patent Uses Your Family Photos For Targeted Advertising

Just like Google, Facebook uses target advertising to help deliver ads to users that it thinks might be relevant to them. However it seems that there is a potential that in the future, Facebook could come up with more types of targeted ads based on your family photos in which it tries to determine your demographic to come up with suited ads.

Apple Patent Hints At Plans To Allow Siri To Work Offline

One of the problems with most digital assistants these days is that they require an internet connection to work. This is because a lot of the processing is done on remote servers (which also explains why our digital assistants are as responsive like what we see in the movies), which means that an internet connection is required.

Apple Investigating Integrating A Camera Into An Apple Watch Band

Given how small and powerful camera technology is these days, it does seem tempting to try and put a camera into everything. However there are certain devices in which a camera doesn’t really make much sense, such as a smartwatch, but it seems that Apple could potentially be looking at doing just that.

Apple Patents Display With A Hole For The Front-Facing Camera

One of the criticisms people seem to have with modern smartphone design is that they come with a notch. The notch is something of a necessity because that’s where components like sensors and cameras will be housed, and this is required if manufacturers want to achieve an edge-to-edge display with minimal bezels.

Apple Wants To Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Headphones Properly

Putting on a pair of headphones is simple enough. You either stuff the earbuds into your ear, or you slip the headphone cups over or onto your ears. However according to a recently discovered patent, Apple seems to have developed a system that wants to help ensure that you have your headphones put on correctly.