Future Apple Watch Could Track Parkinson’s Disease
The Apple Watch is capable of many things such as detecting when a user falls, or an irregular heart beat, and it seems that in the future, it could come with sensors where it could also be capable of detecting if a person may be exhibiting symptoms and signs that they could have Parkinson’s disease or some kind of tremor related health issue.

Apple Patent Hints At A ‘Pro’ Version Of The Magic Mouse
Apple’s Magic Mouse has kept its design for many years already, and for the most part it works, but could there be a redesign in its future? That’s what a recently discovered patent seems to be hinting at, where it has been suggested that Apple could be working on a “pro” version of the Magic Mouse.

Apple’s iPhones Could Be The Literal Keys To The Rumored Apple Car
As many of you might have heard by now, there are rumors that Apple is interested in automobiles. Whether or not this will result in Apple actually creating their own Apple Car, or if they’re simply interested in supplying the infrastructure and platform to power future vehicles is unclear, but we might have an idea of how it all ties in together.

Apple Has A Way Of Reducing Motion Sickness In Cars
apple logoCar sickness is something that people suffer from, but it seems that when it comes to self-driving cars, it can be made worse. Companies such as Uber have been working on coming up with ways to try and combat that, and now it looks like Apple could be working on something similar as well.


Apple Could Apply Its TrueTone iPad Tech To A Car’s Interior Lighting
One of the display technologies that Apple employs in its iPads and iPhones is TrueTone. For those who are unfamiliar, TrueTone basically detects the ambient light around you and based on that, it will adjust the device’s display so that it will always render the correct kind of color regardless of the environment it is in, or at least that’s in theory.

US Navy Could Be Making Our Sci-Fi Dreams Come True With Compact Fusion Reactor Patent
There are many forms of energy generation at the moment, but one of the ideal forms of energy generation that has been pursued by the scientific community comes in the form of nuclear fusion. This is because unlike nuclear fission, fusion, at least in theory, is thought to be safer. It is also thought to be cleaner as it does not produce any radioactive waste.

Apple’s Next Trick Is To Let iPhone Users ‘Feel’ Through Their Displays
The smartphone market is a mature one and as such, with every new smartphone release, manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to make them more amazing. Instead, we are looking mostly at improvements to existing features, like better quality cameras, smarter cameras, and so on.

Apple Patents An Apple Watch That Will Keep The Band Consistently Tight
Just like most watches, the Apple Watch’s band probably does not fit everyone perfectly. There might be some days it would feel loose, and other days it might feel a bit too tight. However, Apple thinks that they might have the solution to that problem by creating a band that will be “consistently tight”.

Samsung Just Patented A Bunch Of Pretty Crazy Phone Ideas
Samsung, like many companies, is probably working on new ideas all the time. Whether or not we will see those ideas become a reality is anyone’s guess, but thanks to the folks at Patently Apple, they have come across several smartphone patents that could hint at what Samsung could potentially be working on.

Apple Is Looking Into Stretchable Activity Bands For The Apple Watch
Even before the Apple Watch was launched, the rumors that were circulating all suggested that Apple was looking to position the device as the ultimately fitness and health related tool. While we’re not sure it could be considered the “ultimate” device just yet, it has done a pretty good job on the health front where it has managed to save the lives of many of its users.

Apple Has An Idea On How To Improve The Touchscreen Typing Experience
Typing on a touchscreen keyboard is perfectly fine for firing off short messages, but as you might know, typing out longer documents and emails can be tiresome. This is due to the lack of feedback that you get when typing with a virtual keyboard versus an actual physical keyboard, but it seems that Apple could have an idea on how to fix that.

Sony’s PlayStation Could Be Getting Its Own Digital Assistant
These days it’s hard to find a gadget that does not come with a built-in digital assistant. Even our smart TVs and home appliances are coming with them built into its system, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Sony could be looking to introduce its own digital assistant to its PlayStation console.

Apple Logo On Future iPhones Could Double As A Notification Light
For the longest time ever, one of the defining features of Apple’s MacBook laptops was its glowing logo on the lid of the device. However, in recent years, Apple has decided to drop the design completely. If you did like the idea of such a design, you might be interested to learn that it could be making a comeback, but not for the MacBook, but for the iPhone.

Future Apple Watch Bands Can Authenticate You By Your Skin Texture
Right now, the Apple Watch has a method of identify and authenticating a user when they make a payment through Apple Pay. However, the problem with this current method is that if you take your watch off and put it back on, you’ll need to authenticate yourself again. We can appreciate the security measures, but it does seem a bit inconvenient.