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Future Apple Magic Keyboard Might Put Mechanical Keyboards To Shame
One of the advantages of building a custom mechanical keyboard is that you can pick the switch you want to go inside of it. The switches affect not just the sound, but also the feel, where some switches have springs that are lighter or heavier depending on your typing preference. However, Apple thinks that they might have something that could beat that.

Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Beam Images Directly To Your Pupils
Headsets for virtual reality setups tend to be bulky because of the displays that they put inside of them. However, it seems that Apple might have an idea for a VR/AR headset that could in theory be more compact as the company is toying with a slightly different idea on how to allow users to see the images or videos in the headset.

Could Instagram Start Charging To Allow Links In Captions?
One of the annoying things about Instagram is that it doesn’t support links in captions. This means whenever creators put a link, you’d need to memorize it and type it in yourself. Creators have since had to resort to alternatives, such as putting links in bio, but it’s hardly the most ideal situation.

Google Is Apparently Still Interested In Making Smart Glasses
When Google first unveiled the Google Glass, we were impressed. However, at that point in time, it seems that the world simply wasn’t quite ready for smart glasses technology and it was met with huge backlash from privacy advocates. We’re not sure fast forward to today if the world is ready, but it seems that Google hasn’t quite given up on the technology yet.


Apple Hints That Face ID Could Be Coming To Mac Computers
Face ID for Macs makes a lot of sense. After all, almost all Mac computers come with a built-in webcam, so why can’t that camera be used as Face ID? We’ve seen Apple introduce Touch ID to their Macs, so it makes sense that eventually, Face ID could also be a security feature that we might expect in the future.

Apple Wants To Start Integrating Electronics Into Fabrics
The concept of smart clothing isn’t new and we have seen companies like Google work with fashion brands such as Levi’s to create clothing with built-in electronics. However, the concept hasn’t quite taken off yet, but could Apple’s marketing machine, branding, and reputation have what it takes to help kick things off?

Apple Watch’s Water Ejecting Feature Could Come To The iPhone
The Apple Watch is a water-resistant smartwatch that you can take with you when you swim, but what happens after you come out of the pool? In case you didn’t know, the Apple Watch comes with an active water ejection system that uses the vibration from the speakers to forcibly eject water from its ports.

Apple Wants People To Stop Bumping Into Real World Objects While Using VR
We’ve all seen those hilarious videos where people are so caught up while using virtual reality (VR) that they end up falling over, tripping over wires, or bumping into real world objects. While funny to watch, it can actually be pretty dangerous and Apple has come up with a system that will hopefully prevent it in the future.

Huawei Patents An All-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint sensor technology has evolved over the years where they no longer need to exist on the outside of our devices. We’re starting to see more handset makers integrate the tech into the displays of their phones, albeit only a portion of the display. This means that users still need to place their fingers over the sensor for it to work.

Future Apple Devices Could Be Self-Cleaning
Cleaning the outside of your smartphone is pretty easy. Give it a wipe down and you should be more or less set. However, it is the insides of a phone that is difficult to clean, almost impossible and pretty much unnecessary, but sometimes the buildup of dust and gunk could have a negative impact on hardware.

Future AirPods Could Rely On Bone Conductivity To Deliver Audio
Sound is basically vibrations, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that some audio companies are relying on those vibrations to create earphones that use bone conductivity to deliver audio to the listener. However, such earphones aren’t exactly common, but maybe future AirPods could employ the use of the technology.

Apple Has A Pretty Neat Idea That Combines Two iPads Together
Aside from using the iPad as a tablet, which was what it was originally designed for, not too long ago Apple introduced a feature for macOS called Sidecar which basically allows users to use their iPads as a secondary display. However, a patent discovered by AppleInsider has revealed that Apple could have other plans for the iPad in the future.

Canon Patents Lens Adapter With An Active Cooling System
If you’re just a casual photographer, there’s a very low chance that you might encounter an issue where your camera overheats. This usually happens to more professional photographers who might take photos non-stop or who record lengthy videos in high resolution. However, it seems that Canon might have an answer to that problem.

Could Vein ID Be Apple’s Next Big Security Feature?
Given that all our faces are unique, the idea behind Face ID is that it makes it more secure than fingerprints because you can’t exactly “lift” a face like you would a fingerprint. However, Face ID is far from perfect and we have seen instances in the past where it can be beat, and it seems that Apple is trying to come up with new ways to create a more […]