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Apple Could Bring The Original MagSafe Charging To The iPhone
Right now, Apple allows owners of the iPhone 12 series to charge their phones through MagSafe. However, this MagSafe should not be mistaken for the original MagSafe charging that Apple had previously included with its laptops, but according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple could be bringing the original MagSafe to the iPhone.

Future AirPods Max Headphones Could Feature Glass Earcups
Apple launched the AirPods Max headphones back in December of 2020. While they are expensive, they do have a rather premium feel thanks to the use of materials like aluminum. Unfortunately, the use of aluminum has also created a pair of headphones that are kind of heavy.

More Proof That The Next iPhone Could Have A 120Hz ProMotion Display
For a while, it has been rumored that Apple could be looking to introduce a 120Hz ProMotion display to the iPhone. The latest rumors are suggesting that this feature could actually debut with the 2021 iPhone, and now a patent discovered by Patently Apple seems to provide more evidence of this happening.

Apple And US Government Are Working On Making Better Mobile Batteries
The problem with the lithium-ion batteries found in our smartphones is that they tend to lose the number of charges they hold over time, which mean that a phone that says 100% when brand new will last a lot longer than one that’s say two years old. However, Apple could be working to fix that.


Apple’s AR Glasses Could Tell You How Fresh Your Food Is
Can you tell at a glance how fresh your food is? Sometimes it might be obvious when you smell something really funky, or if there are black or white spots growing on a piece of fruit, but other times, it isn’t always that clear. However, Apple is hoping to solve this problem with their AR glasses.

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Be Able To Tell When You’re Distracted
When Google launched their Google Glasses years ago, it was a rather exciting time, but ultimately the project kind of fizzled. Now it seems that Apple could be interested in picking up the mantle with their own set of AR glasses, but the question is, what kind of features might it pack to make it stand out from what came before it?

It Seems That Samsung Could Be Working On A Rollable Display Smartphone Of Their Own
Back at CES 2021 earlier this month, LG teased that they are working on a smartphone with a rollable display. In some ways, we think that this might be a better idea than foldable displays, potentially improving on durability, and also doing away with the need for having such a thick chassis.

Future Apple Watch Could Have Improved Haptic Feedback
The Apple Watch comes with a hardware feature called the Taptic engine. This is a standalone component inside the watch that provides the wearer with haptic feedback to let them know about notifications, alerts to high heart rates, reminders to stand up, and more. However, it isn’t necessarily the strongest haptic feedback.

Apple Could Revisit The Idea Of Titanium MacBooks
Apple’s laptops and computers in general are made out of aluminum. This is more or less the standard choice of materials for a lot of electronics these days, but according to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple could be interested in exploring other materials, such as titanium.

Microsoft Patents A Laptop Display That Automatically Adjusts Based On The User’s Gaze
The problem with laptop screens is that it forces us to look down. Also, given their size, there are a lot of times when we find ourselves having to adjust the angle of the screen to suit our sitting position. However, Microsoft is hoping to change that by creating a laptop display that can adjust itself automatically.

GTA 6 Could Introduce Smarter NPCs
Let’s face it, the AI used to control NPCs in video games aren’t exactly very smart, but then again, maybe they were never meant to be that smart to begin with. Typically, NPCs in video games are just used to advance the storyline or sell players items, so we guess there was never really a need to make them very smart.

Apple Patents iPhone Case That Can Charge AirPods
Right now, the only way to charge the AirPods would be to put it inside of its carrying case, which also doubles as a charger. This means that you need to have the case if you want to charge the earbuds. However, a patent discovered by AppleInsider suggests that Apple is looking at alternate ways.

Apple Wants To Put Blood Pressure Monitoring On The Apple Watch
Over the years since the Apple Watch was launched, Apple has slowly added new health tracking features. The smartwatch initially debuted with a heart rate monitor, which was later followed by an ECG monitor, and then more recently, a blood oxygen monitor, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that maybe blood pressure monitoring could be next.

Microsoft Wants To Make A Chatbot That Could Let Us ‘Talk’ To Dead Loved Ones
The way AI learns is similar to how humans learn – feed it information and it will take that information and make decisions based on it. It’s useful because computers can work faster than humans and be more objective when presented with information, but it’s also a bit scary when you think about what else it can be used for.

Future Apple Keyboard Could Feature Keys Made Up Of Individual Displays
It seems that Apple isn’t quite done trying to reinvent the keyboard just yet. The company attempted to create a new mechanism in the past with the butterfly switches, but it kind of fell flat and created a ton of issues in the process. However, it seems that Apple is still looking into ways to make the keyboard “better”.

Canon Patents A Gimbal With An Interchangeable Lens System
There are many gimbals in the market today, and for the most part, they’re sold separately from the camera. This means that you would need to own a camera to really take advantage of it. However, DJI did try to create an all-in-one solution with the Osmo Pocket, and it looks like Canon wants to do something similar as well.

Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses Could Also Double As Prescription Glasses
The problem with augmented reality headsets is that it assumes the wearer can see perfectly and does not need to wear prescription glasses. This would hinder the adoption of such devices as there are many people in the world who wear prescription glasses, but it seems that this is something Apple is hoping to solve.

Future iOS Devices Could Support Multiple User Accounts
At the moment, Apple’s iOS devices are typically limited to just one user per device. This is unlike a computer where users can sign in using their own ID where their preferences and files are kept separately. However, it seems that in the future, iOS devices could potentially allow for multiple user accounts.

Apple Watch Could One Day Gain A Side Button Touch ID
On the iPhone, users can protect their devices through a variety of ways like Touch ID, Face ID, or using a PIN code. On the Apple Watch, it’s a different story. The way the Apple Watch verifies the user is through the heart rate sensor, which means that even if someone stole your watch and tried to use Apple Pay on it to pay for stuff, they cannot.

Apple Might Have Figured Out How To Put A Camera On The Apple Watch
If there is one feature that’s “missing” from the Apple Watch, it would be a camera. We’ve seen some third-party alternatives, but they add quite a bit of bulk and heft to the watch, which we’re sure that not everyone will necessarily appreciate. However, it seems that Apple might have figured out a way.