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Sony Patents A System That Lets Struggling Players Get Help From An Expert
We’ve all played games in the past where there are certain puzzles, levels, or boss fights that just feel impossible to beat. We’ve probably tried over and over again dozens of times, turned to walkthroughs, and in some cases, just give up. However, Sony thinks that they might have the answer to your problems.

Apple Is Working On A Way For Siri To Recognize An Imposter’s Voice
When iPhone users set up Siri for the first time, you will have to say certain phrases so that Siri can learn how you sound. However, it seems that Apple is working on expanding on that feature. According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, the company is working on a potential new Siri feature that can learn to ignore an imposter’s voice.

Future Apple Pencil Could Sport A ‘Slide’ Gesture
When Apple introduced the second-gen Apple Pencil, the company also introduced new gestures. This involved tapping on the side of the stylus to change functionality, such as switching back and forth between the pen tool and the eraser tool, for example, but future Apple Pencils could come with a new feature.

Apple Looking Into Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring
Medical technology has come a very long way where these days, it’s easy to buy medical devices that you can use in your own home, like a blood pressure monitor. However, the problem with these devices is that they can be bulky and require a cuff, meaning that if you don’t have the device with you, you can’t measure your blood pressure.


Future iPhones Might Not Even Come With Buttons
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be developing an iPhone without any ports for the future. Now it seems that not only could we see a portless iPhone, but an iPhone that lacks any kind of visible buttons. This is according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider which suggests that Apple is exploring the concept of invisible buttons.

Apple Exploring A Better Way To Correct Typos
We all make mistakes when we type on our mobile devices, but this is where smart dictionaries and autocorrect comes into play, where it corrects commonly misspelt words and also understands over time the words that we commonly use will not attempt to make corrections on those.

The Next iPhone Could Predict When Its Battery Is Going To Run Out
Right now if you have an iPhone, you can check on the battery health of your iPhone, check how much battery you got out of it the previous day, check average battery usage, and so on. However, all that data only tells us how much we’ve used, not so much how much we are going to get.

You Might Be Able To Blow On Your Apple Watch To Interact With It In The Future
The Apple Watch can be interacted with by touching it or using Siri, but if Apple has their way, a future Apple Watch could actually accept commands if you were to blow on it. It sounds like an April Fools’ joke, but this is an actual patent that the folks at Patently Apply have come across in their research.

Siri Could Whisper Or Shout At Users In The Future
Let’s say you’re at a party and the music is blasting and you ask Siri to do something, but you can’t hear Siri’s response simply because the music is too loud. The opposite could be true, where you’re in a quieter location and Siri sounds like she’s shouting at you (because of your volume).

Apple Exploring Cheese Grater Design For The iPhone
When the new Mac Pro was announced, many made fun of the computer’s cheese grater design. Apple has since applied that design to other products like the Pro Display XDR, and now it seems that the company is exploring the possibility of maybe using that same design for the iPhone.

Future MacBooks Could Have Extendable Feet To Help With Cooling
Laptops can get hot. This is because of their size in which they tend to focus more on portability, which in turn means that manufacturers try to make them as compact as possible, which leaves little room for cooling compared to a desktop PC with a tower case that has considerably better airflow.

Apple Glasses Could Adapt Itself To The Wearer’s Eyesight
The problem with smart glasses is that for some users who might wear prescription glasses, it can be a bit difficult. It also means that manufacturers need to take into account for that and create more models, which complicates the process. However, Apple thinks that they might have a solution.

Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The Keyboard
In order to make laptops thin and light, companies have had to design low-profile keyboards. The problem with low-profile keyboards is that it isn’t always the most pleasant to type on, which is why over the years, we have seen Apple come up with ways to try and create a better laptop keyboard.

Apple Could Be Working On An Apple Watch With A Wrap Around Display
With rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking into flexible displays for a future iPhone, we can’t say that this recent patent comes as a surprise. According to the folks at MacRumors, they have come across a patent filed by Apple in which it seems to suggest that Apple is exploring the idea of an Apple Watch with a wrap around display.

You Might Be Able To Use An iPhone With Wet Hands In The Future
There is a reason why the Apple Watch has a screen lock feature when you’re swimming. This is because when a touchscreen display is wet, it sometimes doesn’t register your touch or it can sometimes react rather bizarrely. Of course, this doesn’t always happen but when it does, it can be a bit annoying to use.

The Apple Car Might Have A Way To Stabilize Itself On Slippery Roads
It is often not advised to drive when the roads are icy because a slight error could result in your car skidding and getting into an accident. Sure, there are tires designed for such situations, but what if your car was smart enough to be able to automatically adjust itself to compensate for any potential skidding?

Samsung Could Be Looking To Bring Fingerprint Scanning To Cars
We’ve seen how fingerprint scanners have allowed users to unlock their smartphones, but it seems that Samsung wants to use that technology for cars. A patent discovered by Patently Apple has shown that Samsung wants to use fingerprint technology to potentially act as a way for users to start their car.

Apple Exploring The Idea Of A Ring That Could Detect Gestures
Right now, virtual reality headsets usually come with pretty big controllers that help the user interact with the virtual world. However, due to their size, it’s not exactly convenient or practical to be used outside. This is why it’s interesting to see that Apple is exploring the idea of a much smaller controller in the form of a ring.

Apple Could Bring The Original MagSafe Charging To The iPhone
Right now, Apple allows owners of the iPhone 12 series to charge their phones through MagSafe. However, this MagSafe should not be mistaken for the original MagSafe charging that Apple had previously included with its laptops, but according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple could be bringing the original MagSafe to the iPhone.

Future AirPods Max Headphones Could Feature Glass Earcups
Apple launched the AirPods Max headphones back in December of 2020. While they are expensive, they do have a rather premium feel thanks to the use of materials like aluminum. Unfortunately, the use of aluminum has also created a pair of headphones that are kind of heavy.