Apple Explored The Idea Of Biometric Unlock For Cars

How we secure our cars is still done through car keys, where a press of the button locks and unlocks our car door, and for the most part it is still used to start our cars as well. However could these security systems be a bit outdated? Could they do with an upgrade? Possibly, and that’s something that Apple might have explored in the past.

Apple Could Still Be Exploring Fingerprint Technology For The iPhone

Face ID might be the predominant security feature on Apple’s iPhones and iPads for the next few years. Apple has touted how the feature is more secure, but yet there are certain limitations on it. For example you have to look at your phone in order for it to unlock, versus fingerprint where you can unlock it without having to look at your phone which can come in handy.

Apple’s Project Titan Might Have Been Researching A Smart Seatbelt

Usually the people sitting in the front of the car are the ones who get to control the car’s infotainment system. However it appears that Apple could have been exploring an idea of allowing passengers at the back to control the system as well, which according to a patent seems to suggest the involvement of a smart seatbelt system.

OPPO Might Have Some Ideas On How To Use The Hole-In Display

If there is a trend that we’re starting to see emerge this year it would be that smartphones are going to start using hole-in displays. This is the “answer” to the notch design which some feel is quite ugly, and the hole-in display is meant to be a neater solution. For the most part it is where the front-facing camera will be housed, but could it be used for more […]


Future iPhones, Apple Watch Could Detect Biohazards

Our smartwatches, specifically the Apple Watch, can measure the health of its wearer, like its heart rate where it can alert users when the heart rate is too low or too high, or has an abnormal rhythm which suggests that something could be wrong. However in the future it could be used for more than just personal health.

This Is What Motorola’s Foldable Phone Could Look Like

Foldable phones appear to be well on their way to becoming a huge trend for 2019. Will it be a trend that sticks around remains to be seen, but there is definitely a ton of interest. In fact there have been reports that suggests that Motorola could be developing a foldable phone of their own.

Future iPhones Could Launch Camera App When You Pick Up The Device

Just like the majority of smartphones out there, the iPhone has a camera shortcut which users can access even when their phone is locked. However it does require that the phone’s display be turned on first. This isn’t a big deal but in crucial moments, this added “delay” could result in photos or videos missing critical context.

Smart Clothing Could Be Next On Apple’s List Of Products To Launch

Apple’s interest in the health sector is no secret. The company has been buying up various health companies and products, and let’s not forget the Apple Watch which as been slowing gaining new health capabilities with rumors that future Apple Watches could come with a non-invasive glucose monitoring feature.

Patent Hints At Google’s Plans For Their Own Foldable Smartphone

It goes without saying that foldable smartphones will be one of the trends we can look forward to in 2019. We know that Samsung has foldable plans of their own along with the likes of Huawei, but could Google be planning on getting in on the action as well? That’s what a recently published patent seems to hint at.

Future Apple Watch Might Be Able To Identify Users By Skin Textures

The current method that the Apple Watch uses to identify the wearer and to help authenticate Apple Pay payments is through a passcode system, where as long as the watch is on the wrist of the user and they entered the correct passcode, it’ll remain authenticated until the watch is taken off. After that the process needs to be repeated again.

LG Patents A Smartwatch With A Modular Camera System

These days it seems like everything has a camera on it, but yet one gadget that has yet to truly embrace cameras are smartwatches. There aren’t too many smartwatches with cameras out there, but according to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems that LG could be toying with the idea of such a device.

Apple Could Still Be Interested In Creating Its Own Foldable Smartphone

Samsung is expected to launch their foldable smartphone come 2019. We’ve also heard reports that other companies such as Huawei are interested in such devices as well. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that it was rumored that Apple might be considering tossing their hat into the ring with a foldable phone of their own.

Apple Patent Hints That The MagSafe Could Be Coming Back

One of the greatest losses in terms of features for Apple’s MacBook lineup has to be its MagSafe connector. For those unfamiliar, this is basically a magnetic port that was used in Apple’s laptops to charge them, where it could be easily detached by lightly pulling on it. It also had the added safety advantage in the event you trip over the wire, your entire laptop won’t end up on […]

ASUS Files Patent For Smartphone With Popup Camera

One of the ways many companies these days are finding their way around the notch design is by introducing a camera that can popup. This means that the front of the phone can be 100% display, whereas with the notch design, part of the display’s real estate has to go to the front-facing camera.