Sonys PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale has been officially announcedRemember all that speculation about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Sure it’s quite a mouthful but it looks like the game has been officially announced. Borrowing a couple of ideas and concepts from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro,s the game from Sony will instead feature characters from Sony’s franchise instead. Some of these characters we have mentioned before, such as Kratos from God of War and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. It will be a 3D brawler-styled game on a single plane and will allow gamers to play with up to four players at any given time.

The goal, apart from beating the heck out of your opponent, is also to collect Action Points to increase a Special Meter. The Special Meter will feature three different levels with each character’s speciality being that from its own franchise, such as Kratos putting on his godly armor from God of War 2 while wielding the Blade of Olympus, while Sweet Tooth will don a mech suit and will wield a chain gun. There are also other events happening in the game that players will have to keep an eye out for while they battle each other. No word on the full roster of characters yet but the game is expected to be released in the winter of 2012.

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