Seeing someone carrying around a tin of mints can hardly be called suspicious. However if that tin of mints has an ethernet cable sticking out at one end, that’s when you should probably start getting a bit worried. Kevin Bong, a Wisconsin-based security research and penetration tester has developed a device called the Mini Pwner. 

It’s apparently small enough (reportedly smaller than a smartphone) that it can be plugged into an ethernet port without anyone noticing, thus allowing him or a malicious hacker to gain access to the corporate network, stealing information and relaying that information back to the hacker’s computer via WiFi. He’s also come up with what he’s calling the Minty Pwner (pictured above) which is essentially the same thing but encased in an even more inconspicuous Altoids’ tin box.

When plugged into a wall, the Mini/Minty Pwner will run a series of scanning software such as Nmap and dSniff that will help the hacker map out the company’s network. It will also help create a VPN connection so that the hacker nearby will be able to hook onto its WiFi and run more sophisticated hacking tools. Bong did mention that while the Altoids’ tin box is even smaller and less conspicuous, its metal case could interfere with the WiFi signal. If you’d like to get your hands on the Mini Pwner, purely for research and security purposes of course, Kevin Bong is selling them on his website for $99 each.

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