It has been reported that the users of the HTC One S have been experiencing problems with its battery, particularly when during Wi-Fi calling. Loyal users of the device observed that the battery drains more quickly when using the Wi-Fi calling feature. “After 5 hours and 32 minutes on battery, screen on 66%, Internet 7%, cell standby 7%, and Wi-Fi running 3 hours and 43 minutes, I’m at a low 35% battery left,” says one user.

Both HTC and T-Mobile responded quickly by announcing a soon-to-be-released software patch for the HTC One S. Although no word for an actual release date has been heard, the fact that it is one of HTC’s flagship phones for this year means that it’s going to be on top of the list.

Here of are T-Mobile’s resolution steps: “To reduce battery drain while using Wi-Fi Calling, keep the device plugged in to charge”… “This issue will be addressed in an upcoming software update” (T-Mobile)

Keeping the phone on the charger to “reduce” battery drain… that’s insightful, right? Good battery life is one of the most important feature that users want in a smartphone, so let’s hope that this gets resolved quickly.

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