The video game family can be said to be a big, happy one – especially when you have enterprising minds who want to cobble what was deemed anathema in the past to a totally new hybrid experience. Case in point, the Wiipop which will incorporate both the Kinect camera as well as a bunch of Wiimotes (numbering eight in total) into a prototype which will allow players to improvise freestyle dance moves within an environment that is not too far off from that of a SingStar title. One would need to be able to match body pops to beats in a song, and while the game is still very rough around the edges, the driving force behind this weird amalgamation, Christian “Mio” Loclair, claims that there is far more than meets the eye, and simple gameplay is but the beginning. Perhaps this potential game title might be able to assist in designing choreographed productions, or even to generate as well as trigger visual effects in a live performance setting

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