Microsoft had pretty grand plans for its Kinect, where the motion-sensing device was kind of a revolution in the way games were designed. However, it didn’t really end up being the smash hit that they hoped, at least not amongst gamers. So much so that Microsoft ended up killing off the Kinect.

However, it seems that despite Microsoft having killed off the Kinect, it has managed to find a new lease on life as a security camera system. This is according to a tweet by video game historian Jason Scott, who discovered that the Kinect was being used at the Newark Liberty International Airport.

Exactly how it is being used is unclear, but it seems to be somehow related to security. However, the fact that it is attached to a long arm suggests that it could be used to help monitor crowds. That being said, it’s not surprising that the Kinect has found a lot of use outside of gaming.

This is because even before the Kinect was officially discontinued, we have heard multiple reports of how it was being utilized in the medical industry, where it was used to scan patients and so on. Whether or not Microsoft condones the use of the Kinect as a form of airport security is unclear.

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