Zerg Rush decimates Google search

The dreaded Zerg Rush – a strategy that was once considered to be unbeatable in the hands of an extremely skilled Zerg player in Starcraft, but it has since been balanced out, but is still a nail biting experience. Why not type “Zerg rush” into Google today and see what happens to your screen? This goes to prove that Google still retains their sense of humor, as “O”s which will come in orange-yellow and red colors start to invade your screen, slowly knocking out your “defenses” which are actually the search results themselves. Use the left mouse button to click on those pseudo-Zergs and try to kill off as many as possible. Defeat is inevitable though, as the entire pack will congregate to form the letters “GG”, which stands for “Good Game” in gaming parlance. You can then share your score on Google+. Go ahead, give it a go and watch your productivity level at the office drop a wee bit as you furiously click away.

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