3D printing allows for customizable prosthetic limbs

We know that 3D printers can achieve many things, and prosthetic limbs is one of them. However instead of offering up a normal, and plain looking prosthetic limb, a San Francisco-based company called Bespoke Innovations is using 3D printing and modeling technology that will provide prosthetic limbs featuring custom designs. The process is rather simple – the company will scan both the client’s natural and prosthetic leg and once the model has been created and adjusted accordingly, the customers can then begin to choose his/her designs that appear on the limb.

There are currently a variety of different patterns, templates and materials to choose from and the company has mentioned that experimentation will be a feature they’re adding in in the future. According to the company’s co-founder, Scott Summit (via Bloomberg Businessweek), these designs can be pretty much customized to the client’s liking and that they are working on a Porsche 911 prosthetic limb for a customer at the moment. Pretty funky we’ll have to admit. So if you’re looking for a customized prosthetic limb, or if you know someone that is, expect to pay anywhere between $4,000-$5,000 for a custom job. Head on over to Bespoke Innovations for more info.

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