IKEA Turns To 3D Printing To Make Furniture More Accessible

The problem with furniture making is that it takes time, and if you need something that’s custom-made, it can be expensive. For the most part most of us can get by with regular furniture, but what if you’re disabled? What if you need specialized furniture? That’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Russian Researcher Successfully Prints Living Tissue While In Space

3D printing has been used in the medical industry before, where we have seen the tech used to 3D print cartilage and skull implants. Now it seems that Russian researcher Oleg Kononenko has successfully managed to 3D print living tissue, but here’s the kicker: not only is Kononenko a researcher, but he is a cosmonaut as well, and this 3D printing was actually done in space.

3D Printed Head Fails To Fool Apple’s Face ID Technology

Facial recognition technology in smartphone isn’t new. Android had a similar feature way back in the day, although admittedly it wasn’t exactly a robust or secure feature that could be easily bypassed by a photo. However it was in 2017 that Apple introduced Face ID, its own take on facial recognition that the company claims is near-impossible to fool.

Researchers Use AI & 3D Printing To Reproduce Paintings

There is a lot more that goes into a reproduction of a painting that goes beyond just copying how it looks and trying to recreate the colors, but it seems that researchers are getting closer to being able to successfully reproduce paintings through the use of AI and also 3D printing, the latter of which is used to help better recreate certain colors.


3D Printed Steel Bridge In The Netherlands Now Ready For Installation

The concept of 3D printing is amazing. Being able to “print” out your creations sounds ideal as it lets people come up with all kinds of unique ideas that would have otherwise been harder to create normally, and take longer. For example earlier this year we saw how the US Marines have taken 3D printing technology to construct concrete barracks in 40 hours, a job that would have otherwise taken […]

US Marines Can 3D Print Concrete Barracks In 40 Hours

When we think of the construction of buildings, this is usually a process that is seen as taking a while, at least not as far as as makeshift buildings are concerned. However it appears that the US Marines have managed to figure out a way that will allow them to 3D print concrete barracks in as little time as 40 hours.

3D Printed Xbox One Steering Wheel Controller Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Input devices like keyboard, mice, and gamepads are great for playing games with, but they tend to be rather “general” in terms of use. This is by no means a bad thing, but when it comes to certain games, there is no doubt more niche controllers could do a better job. For example arcade fighting games might benefit from a fight stick setup, and driving games a steering wheel controller.

Inventor Creates Working Doctor Octopus Exoskeleton

There are probably many out there who after seeing Doctor Octopus or Spider-Man’s latest suit in Avengers: Infinity War, wouldn’t mind two extra pairs of hands to help them do things. In the case of a 10-year old boy, it seems that his wish came true as he is the recipient of a working Doctor Octopus-like exoskeleton.

GM Turns To 3D Printing For More Affordable Electric Car Parts

3D printing is an amazing piece of technology and we’ve seen it used for artsy stuff and also used for medical and industrial purposes, allowing companies to create customized components in a shorter span of time. Now it looks like General Motors (GM) will be leveraging that technology to help advance its electric car efforts.

Low-Cost 3D-Printed Home Will Help Overcome Housing Shortages

There are countless people across the globe without adequate housing and despite all of the efforts being made by governments and non-profits, there’s still a long way to go before housing can be secured for those in dire need of it. ICON, a startup based in Austin, demonstrated a low-cost 3D-printed home that’s being presented as a potential solution to this global problem.

US Military Testing System That Can 3D Print Drones On Demand

Drones, like tanks, fighter jets, and other military vehicles and machinery are finite, meaning that if you destroy enough there will be none left. So imagine a situation where an enemy has shot down the military’s remaining drone, what then? Or better yet, imagine if the situation were such that the military could simply 3D print a new drone and have it operational in a short amount of time.

Researchers Confirm That Aluminum Foil Can Improve Your WiFi Signal

Given the different ways our homes are laid out internally, sometimes you might find certain areas in your home basically being void of any WiFi coverage whatsoever. There are ways around this problem, such as buying WiFi extenders, creating a WiFi mesh network using devices like Google WiFi, or purchasing a router with a more powerful signal.

XYZprinting da Vinci Color 3D Printer Makes Everything Easier

#IFA2017, #ShowStoppersIFA – Most 3D Printers use colored materials, which mean that you purchase a base material of a particular color. Printers have some trays that allow them to use more than one color at any given time. However, there is still a pretty strict limit. The da Vinci Color 3D printer aims to change all this for the better.

The Netherlands Is Getting A 3D Printed Cycling Bridge

When the average person thinks of 3D printing, you might think of simple DIY home projects where you can 3D print little gadgets, custom made jewelry, knick knacks and whatnot. However in terms of commercialization, over in the Netherlands it seems that researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology are putting together a bridge for cyclists using 3D printed reinforced concrete (via Engadget).