Asus Nexus tablet to have Jelly Bean operating system?It seems that there are whispers going around of an upcoming Asus Nexus tablet that is ready to be unveiled in under a month, and an in-depth benchmark of the mysterious Asus Nexus tablet was recently spotted, where it has been dubbed as the “Nexus 7″. Of course, this does not mean that it is the final product name – it rarely works this way, as code names are always the more common method of throwing curious people off the trail. A leaked benchmark information, as mentioned, talked about the model name “Nexus 7″, and if one were to look into the past, the Galaxy Nexus carried has the model name “maguro”, while the Nexus One was known as “passion”, so that you are able to get your bearings. The device’s resolution is rather weird at 768 x 1280 pixels.

Apart from hardware, there is another bit of interesting information concerning its software – the Nexus 7 seems to run on Android 4.1, which has been labeled as JRN51B. According to Google’s system naming history, the J might just be the clue to show off the presence of Jelly Bean. Considering it is also labeled as Android 4.1, there is an old rumor that points toward Jelly Bean being a minor update which is meant for tablets instead of just smartphones.

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