C-1 electric vehicle rolls with the times

When we talk about electric vehicles, the yuppies would most probably think of a high powered electric sportscar, while the ordinary man on the street would dream of a Prius in his garage to ferry his family around. Well, not many of us are used to the idea of electric motorbikes, but those are already in the market as well. Check out the rather vague C-1, which is an electric vehicle that is somewhat a bike, and yet leans more towards a car in certain aspects. This prototype will be gyroscopically stabilized, where it merges the efficiency and small size of a motorbike without sacrificing on passenger safety, as it is touted to boast of the durability of a car.

The C-1 basically relies on electronically controlled gyroscopes so that it remains nicely balanced even when you are at a red traffic light. It takes around half a dozen hours to fully juice up, and surprisingly, can hit a top speed of more than 120mph (193km/hr). Each full charge of the battery packs are said to deliver a working range of anywhere from 150 to 220 miles. No idea on which country will receive it first, but a late 2014 has been on the tips of many tongues, seeing a price range of between $12,000 to $16,000.

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