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Wello Family, Smart E-Cargo Bike with Solar-powered AssistanceEditor's Pick
Wello solar smart cargo e-bike (e-cargo bike) with a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), 60km range on one charge, up to 100 km range with solar and connected with an app.

The Lucid Air Is A Luxury Electric Vehicle With A 400 Mile Range
Range anxiety used to be one of the chief concerns when it came to electric vehicles. This is because the idea that your car could die in the middle of the road without anywhere to charge it is rather frightening, not to mention terribly inconvenient. Of course all of that has changed with EVs today which sport much longer ranges than before.

Xiaomi Could Be Unveiling A New Electric Vehicle Next Week
Xiaomi is a company that has experimented with releasing all kinds of products, ranging from smartphones, to air purifiers, kettles, electric screwdrivers, drones, TVs, and more. Now it looks like the company might have a new electric vehicle in the works, or at least that’s according to an event invite sent out by its MIJIA subsidiary.

Faraday Future unveils outlandish FFZERO1 concept, serious modular EV platform
Remember Silicon Valley electric vehicle startup Faraday Future? Turns out it’s not a front for Apple, but it’s actually backed by Chinese giant Letv. Last night at CES 2016, after months and months of hype, the company finally gave us a glimpse of what it’s secretly been working on, and it’s not what you expect. See, Faraday Future’s been hinting about an EV designed to “redefine our relationship with the […]


Electric Car Company Faraday Rumored To Be Front For Apple
Recently a mysterious electric car company called Faraday Future has been making the headlines. The company has zero product but apparently due to the fact that it is backed by huge resources has many curious as to who this company might be, which at the same time has also led to speculation that it could be a front for Apple and the company’s electric car plans.The company has recently announced […]

Elon Musk Dismisses Apple’s Hiring Of Former Tesla Employees
The rumors are claiming that Apple is working on an electric/self-driving car of their own. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but if there is one thing consistent about these rumors is that Apple has been steadily poaching employees from Tesla, one of the frontrunners in the electric car market.In fact the rumors claim that the poaching of employees is so bad that it has apparently […]

Russian Gas Stations To Get EV Charging Stations As Well
The outlook on the world’s economy is rather bleak at the moment, but this does not mean that our responsibility towards a greener earth is diminished. In fact, it is all the more that something needs to be done before time runs out to reverse or limit the damage to our earth. Driving more eco-friendly cars would be a good start, but fully electric vehicles are out of reach for […]

Fast Charge Stations For EVs From BMW & Volkswagen
One of the major drawbacks of driving an electric vehicle would be the fact that charging spots are far from being common – as opposed to a gas station, of course. I am quite sure that effort is being made to increase the number of electric car charging points in various major cities around the world, but the effort is still far from laying down the relevant infrastructure so that […]

Electric Vehicles Predicted To Become More Popular In 2040
Electric vehicles are starting to become more common these days, and while they are slowly gaining acceptance, safe to say they aren’t as preferred compared to regular fuel-consuming vehicles. Price is one of the reasons holding consumers back, along with the fact that electric vehicles have a limited range and charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations. While it does seem that electric vehicles are the way of the […]

Qualcomm In Formula E: Advise And Integrate Technology
Qualcomm has just announced that it has become an Official Founding Technology Partner of the FIA Formula E Championship, which is the body regulating the equivalent for Formula 1, but for electric vehicles (EV). As such Qualcomm is going to evaluate and provide recommendations to the FIA Formula E Championship about how wireless connectivity could improve the spectator experience of the race.

Road-Powered Electric Vehicle Network In South Korea Debuts
There is always a first time for everything, and today, we have word that the first road-powered electric vehicle network in the world has just turned itself on in South Korea. What you see in the image above depicts an OLEV in South Korea, which is all set to drive over an electrified strip of road, now how about that? This particular network will comprise of specially constructed roads that […]

Generation Solar Powered Electric Vehicle
The Generation solar powered electric vehicle is the brainchild be the folks over at the University of Michigan.

ELF: Hybrid Solar / Pedal Vehicle by Organic Transit
[CeBIT 2013] Today at CeBIT, I met with Alix Bowman and Rob Cotter from Organic Transit, the green transportation company behind ELF, an innovative solar / pedal hybrid vehicle. This egg-shaped tricycle can be powered by an electric engine when needed or using pedals just like a bicycle.The durable shell comes fully equipped with lights, signals and mirrors just like a car, and the battery pack can be recharged using […]

Moveo Electric Scooter Is Foldable, No Parking Spot Required
Depending on where you live, commuting can be a nightmare and that’s probably true for most big cities. To alleviate some of the road congestion issues, many use a 2-wheels transportation mode, motorized or not. The thing is: when you have a motorized vehicle, you may have a much harder time to park it than you would with a bicycle The Moveo Electric Scooter wants to fix that by letting you fold […]