If you fancy yourself as an outdoors person that does a lot of hiking or camping, then you might want to check out Casio’s latest watch release, the PRG550-1. Granted it’s not exactly the most memorable name, but it does come packed with features that we’re sure that the sporty and adventurous will no doubt welcome. This comes in the form of three high-performance sensors that includes a compass, altimeter/barometer and even a thermometer!

So how does this work? The seconds hand on the watch will double as the magnetic needle for the compass, while also being able to show changes in atmospheric pressure and can even show the change in altitude based on a preset position. The LCD screen on the other hand will be used to display a variety of numbers. This ranges from compass direction angle value, altitude, atmospheric pressure and temperature. An LED light for the watch can also be activated simply by flicking your wrist.

While watches in general have pretty decent battery life, if you want to drag out the watch’s battery life even further, the Casio Tough Solar Power technology will shut the watch down when it has not been exposed to light for a long period of time. Other features includes water resistance up to 100m and will also be resistant to low temperatures. Expect to be able to get your hands on the Casio PRG550-1 in June for $300. [Press release]

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