Sony’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been officially announced but unfortunately the game’s entire roster of playable characters has yet to be revealed. So far a handful of characters have been confirmed but here’s one more that you might be able to add to the list once it has been officially announced. Those who have played the game inFamous 2 are no doubt familiar with Eric Ladin, the actor who “plays” the game’s main character, Cole MacGrath.

Well thanks to Ladin’s tweet, it seems that Cole MacGrath could be another character that will be making it into the roster for the upcoming brawler. His tweet was basically saying how good it felt to be slipping back into the motion capture suit, and no, the game that he donned the motion capture suit for is not inFamous, leading many to speculate that his character could be arriving on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. So far the characters confirmed for the upcoming game includes Kratos, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Mael Radec, Fat Princess and PaRappa. So gamers, is Cole MacGrath a character you’d like to see in the game?

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