Innovation should be the lifeblood of any company, and so it makes perfect sense for organizations such as Lenovo to come up with something interesting such as this particular removable handgrip keyboard that will be attached to a tablet. Of course, while most of us are more than used to a virtual keyboard on a touchscreen display by now, there is still enough demand for a physical keyboard when it comes to tablets. Lenovo’s idea in this patent application points towards a set of hand grips that allow you to clamp it onto a table in order to add in a physical keyboard. This will then be used to enter text when you are holding the tablet in your hands. The grips will remain adjustable so that you are able to clamp them onto the sides or bottom of the tablet, and you can also type with both hands while holding the tablet in two hands, due to the fact that the QWERTY keyboard layout is split in half, reminiscent of the ergonomic Microsoft keyboards in the past.

Alternatively, you can opt to detach the clamps from the tablet, have them lay down flat on a table, and to use them in the same way as that of a standard Bluetooth keyboard so that you can enter text even when you are not holding the tablet in your hands.

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