Since it’s Friday, we’re giving you some video goodness to watch, courtesy of Mashable. Now you may or may not be a Nintendo fan, but a 15-year Nintendo fanatic, who calls himself a professional domino-ist, decided to make his own tribute for the Japanese game maker using 30,000 dominoes of various sizes and colors. The video was posted his via YouTube account. “The Nintendo Special is finally here! It has over 30,000 dominoes and is full of awesome clips and cool Nintendo themed games and consoles! Also, Sonic/SEGA belongs in this video! We have enjoyed the sonic games on Nintendo Consoles since the early 2000s,” the young fan said. As you can see on the video, game cartridges and a few accessories were also used. You can also observe that the dominoes are forming popular franchises including Mario, Sonic, Pokemon and Zelda. Nintendo has been around since 1889. Prior to its gaming dynasty, the Japanese consumer electronics company started with handmade hanafuda cards, a cab company, and even a love hotel.

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