If you own a PS Vita and hope to see a different type of game hit the market compared to the standard releases, then you might be interested in checking out PulzAR. This is one title that might just captivate a new group of gamers, thanks to the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) gameplay. PulzAR is a puzzler that will certainly tax those gray cells up there in your noggin’, where it is capable of transforming just about any flat surface into an epic battle arena against time, as well as a looming celestial event by making clever use of your AR Play cards.

The context of the earth in PulzAR is this – the planet you call home is in great peril, where a bunch of colossal asteroids near the earth are spinning ever closer on a deadly collision course that will take out mankind. All attempts to divert these asteroids’ trajectory have fallen short, and you seem to be the earth’s final hope, relying on a network of explosive rockets that should break down the asteroids into far more manageable bits. Sounds a whole lot like Asteroids, don’t you think so? Save for the fact that this one comes with a modern twist.

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