Symantec, the largest maker of personal computer security software, has released the first public beta of Norton Antivirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013 and Norton 360 2013. Symantec hopes to offer the best ever user experience, both on existing platforms such as Windows 7 and especially on the incoming Windows 8 operating system.

Norton 2013 public beta features a new protection capability for Windows 8 OS that protects those who download and install Metro styled apps. Also, it has a next-generation firewall protection system and an “Insight technology” functionality, which improve the ability to detect and block malicious network activity, including botnet activity that will attempt to steal personal information.

Furthermore, Norton 2013 will have feature bandwidth monitoring. This increases intelligence and improves the software’s integration with the operating system. It will also help consumers avoid costly data excessive fees by limiting non-critical updates on bandwidth sensitive networks. Once you sign up, you will receive a 14-day Beta Subscription Activation Key. Norton warns that this is still a Beta version, and that it may “malfunction” anytime. So, it’s best to back-up your files before testing. You can give it a try by visiting Symantec.

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