Are you a racer at heart? Then you might want to take the less dangerous route whenever you have the itch to burn up some asphalt, doing it digitally instead of in real life. One of the ways would be to have a decent video game console as well as the relevant peripherals to get you started – and I am quite sure for those who prefer everything to come right out of the box, the recently announced Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle ought to do the trick. After all, it will come with a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 in addition to a Wireless Speed Wheel to provide you with a more realistic driving experience and of course, the console itself – an Xbox 360 with 250GB of hard drive space. Driving talent is not included, so make sure you already pack that in as part of your gaming repertoire. Surely at $299, there is nothing much to complain about? This is slightly more expensive compared to just picking up the 250GB console alone at $249, don’t you think so?

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