When it comes to modern medical science and procedure, you know for sure that we have surely come a long way since the Middle Ages, and there is no need to bleed a person for just about any and every ailment. Instead, here we are with word that Italy will host the first robotic liver procedure in the world – on the island of Sicily, to be exact. There will be no direct interaction from a surgeon with the patient, as only a robot alone will remove the donor’s organ. The ISMETT transplant centre in Palermo claimed that the arms of a robot will be the only foreign objects that enter the abdomen of the 44-year-old donor who wants to help save his 46-year-old brother who is suffering from liver cirrhosis.

The robot’s ability means only five keyhole incisions are required, in addition to a solitary nine-centimetre incision to complete the operation. Known as hepatectomy, this particular procedure was performed all the way back in March earlier this year, although word has just broken out after the recipient received a clean bill of health and was discharged.

For those of you who follow Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, German supporters would definitely hope that the Italians will not be that incisive with their passes when they meet up in the semi-finals later.

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