Google definitely loves their Google Maps project, judging by the number of updates for it that rolled out today. Above, you can view a YouTube video of how 3D imagery has been introduced for Google Earth for mobile devices. Half a dozen years ago, Google introduced textured 3D buildings in Google Earth, and fast forward to today, it seems that 3D models will be added to whole metropolitan areas in Google Earth on mobile devices sometime down the road. This effort is made possible courtesy of new imagery rendering techniques as well as computer vision, resulting in the ability to churn out 3D cityscapes that come complete with buildings, terrain and even landscaping, all from a 45-degree aerial imagery. Before 2012 clocks out, Google intends to extend 3D coverage to include metropolitan areas that have a combined population of 300 million people – or more. That would certainly narrow down the number of areas to be covered, doesn’t it? Hopefully with 3D imagery included, it would make life easier when it comes to navigating through modern mazes we call cities.

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