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Google Earth Accidentally Reveals Taiwan's Secret Military Sites
Secret Taiwanese military installations were accidentally revealed online for the world to see following an update for the Google Earth platform. Some of these military sites were revealed through the update which included 3D renditions of Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung. At least one military base which Patriot missiles are reportedly deployed can clearly be seen using Google Earth with no blurring in place to prevent the public from […]

Google Earth Now Shows Crowdsourced Photos
You can use Google Earth to check out any part of the world without having to leave your couch. The satellite imagery has been considerably improved over the past few years but now Google Earth is providing users a completely different way of exploring the world. It has integrated crowdsourced photos to let users explore the world through someone else’s lens.

Google Releases Earth VR For HTC Vive
Google has released a new app today for those who own the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Google Earth VR is now available for this headset, enabling users to fly around and check out some of the most interesting parts of our planet in virtual reality. The company has been working on this app for some time and it’s similar in concept to the Street View app it has already […]

Google Maps And Earth Now Offer Sharper Satellite Images
Google Maps and Earth are great resources to explore the world from the comfort of your computer and if you’ve been feeling that the imagery could be a little sharper, well your wish has been granted. Google today announced that both Maps and Earth will now offer significantly sharper satellite images as it’s now pulling in the imagery from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite.


Google Earth API To Cease Next Year
When Google introduced the Earth API to the masses, that happened more than half a dozen years back. The whole idea of the Google Earth API was to facilitate developers by opening up an opportunity for them to construct 3D mapping applications in their browsers, all the while making use of JavaScript. It seems that all good things must come to an end eventually, and Google has announced that this […]

Earth View Mode In Google Maps Gets High-Res 3D Imagery
Google has announced today that it is rolling out high-resolution 3D imagery on Google Maps as well as Google Earth. In order to view the high-res imagery you simply have to access the Earth View mode on Maps or Earth. Initially this is limited to New York City and San Francisco, but Google promises that improved imagery will be added for many other cities in the coming weeks and months.

Google Maps Earth View Goes Cloud-Free
Google Maps Earth View drops its clouds.

Google Earth Improves Ocean Viewing Experience
Google has improved Google Earth with clearer images and more information of the depths.

Leap Motion And Google Earth Are Now In Cahoots
Recently, we were talking about how Leap Motion and HP worked together in order to integrate Leap Motion’s technology in its upcoming devices. Doing their bit to honor Earth Day, both Google and Leap Motion have just announced (and it is not even April Fool’s!) that there is an update to Google Earth available today, where this update would be able to detect input from the Leap Motion Controller. Basically, […]

Google Earth Adds 100,000 New Tours And 1 Million Photos Via Tour Guide
Apparently Google’s very own Trekkers have been busy mapping the entire world. Google announced that Google Earth now includes more than 100,000 new tours and 1 million photos via Tour Guide. These are now available on Google Earth for Android, iOS, and the desktop. “Today’s update adds over 100,000 new tours of popular sites, cities and places across 200 countries, as well as enhancements to existing tours,” Google said.

Google Earth Used To Pinpoint North Korean Labor Camps
Google’s Eric Schmidt planned to visit North Korea, did just that, and returned days later to say the country needs to embrace an open Internet. Seeing how Google Earth was used in order to pinpoint North Korean labor camps, we’re not entirely sure if the country would be all for an open Internet if they ever discover their camps have been ousted.A combination of human rights activists and bloggers used Google […]

Google Earth 7 gets updated with 3D imagery and tour guide feature
Following the launching of Google Earth for mobile a couple of months ago that brought the nifty tour guide feature and 3D imagery capabilities to iOS and Android, Google is announcing today that the aforementioned features can now be enjoyed on your desktop through Google Earth 7. Now, users can get a comprehensive view of more than 11,000 popular sites around the world in spectacular 3D. Essentially, the tour guide feature […]

Google brings 3D Maps to Google Earth in Seattle and Denver
Following Google’s announcement in June to bring 3D imagery on Google Maps for mobile devices, the Mountain View-based tech titan is now expanding the coverage to Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington. Now, folks in the aforementioned areas can now better explore and tour both cities via their iOS and Android devices. In an announcement today, Google pointed out the many things that users can do with the newly added feature.Using […]

3D City View and Tour Guide hits Google Earth iOS version
If you happen to use Google Earth on an iOS-powered device (namely the iPad and the iPhone), then surely you would have noticed that the latest version of Google Earth for iOS will now be able to support the visual wonders of 3D imagery – that is, your eyes are treated to 3D City View and Tour Guide, amongst others. According to Google, a map should be comprehensive and accurate […]