In case you didn’t know, Google recently released an update for its Google Maps app for Android. The APK version 6.8 now has new features including the capability to see reviews from experts and people, find the right places using Zagat scores and summaries, and get directions directly from map bubbles. But the folks over at Android Police found something more interesting – a set of unreleased features included in the APK. I admit I wasn’t able to check the APK on my Android phone, but judging from the photo above taken by the publication, it seems that a timeline feature is underway.

Found inside the new APK are files that have the word timeline on them – i.e. “timeline_work.mid.9.png” or “timeline_work.home.only.9.png”. Android Police also noted that the XML references to the images (.png) have names like “list_item_travel_history_segment.xml” for example, which reportedly suggests that it will be for a location history feature. Interestingly, some files also had names like “latitude_migrate_to_circles_welcome_dialog.xml” that sounds like a feature for Google+ Circles. Of course, we’re only speculating based on minute details that can even mean something else. So, let’s just wait and see what Google Maps version 6.9 will bring in the near future.

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