HP is now offering a one-year Limited Warranty Service Enhancement Program (LWSEP) for owners of the HP Pavilion P66xx, S56xx, and HPE-4xx Desktop Models that were bought in the United States and Canada. HP reportedly emailed owners today saying that the desktops have system boards with a slightly higher-than-expected failure rate and that these computers might experience no video at start up and might even stop responding. However, the company isn’t recalling the models. HP will only add 12 more months of warranty, which means that desktop owners of the aforementioned models, who have expired warranties, will be getting a new one-year warranty to report problems and to cover the repairs needed. HP will repair the system by replacing the motherboard free of charge. HP will also reportedly pay for the round-trip shipping of the device. Symptoms of the problem, according to HP, will include computers turning on with no video and beeps, computers usually lock up at the POST screen, and computers constantly rebooting. You can check out HP’s announcement here.

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