At last count, Instagram has over 50 million users from both Android and iOS platforms, which is one huge figure by any count. Not only that, Facebook also took the move to purchase Instagram for a cool $1 billion, turning most, if not all of the investors in Instagram instant millionaires overnight. Well, here is a concept that might just fuel the Instagram craze further – Markus Gerkes designed the Instaglasses that will feature buttons on the right side of the glasses which are able to let you switch filters so that you can view the world through filtered lenses. If you want to capture a particular image, just go ahead and do so with the integrated 5-megapixel camera. It is similar in idea to Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Other hardware specifications quoted would be Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G support, 2GB of onboard storage and a seven hour battery life. Any takers if this actually rolls off the production line?

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