We’re sure that there are a good many of you guys out there with decent photography skill who have captured photos and have uploaded them onto Instagram for all to see. However if you feel that maybe your photos deserve to make some money and be printed and hung on walls, now there is an option to do that. A new service dubbed Instaprints (not to be confused with Instaprint) has recently launched and it lets Instagram users turn their photos into canvas-and-acrylic prints, greeting cards and/or posters.

Given that pretty much anyone can create and upload an Instagram photo, how does the site separate the amateurs from the pros? Well according to its founder, Sean Broihier, he has coded the site in such a way that the top quality images are the ones that get top billing, while more amateur and frivolous photos will be pushed to the bottom. After all we’re not sure if there is a market for sepia-toned photos of guys doing keg stands, right? Instaprints is by no means the first of its kind, although they are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering more high quality/professional images. If you’d like to browse for some photos or maybe upload and sell your own, head on over to their website for the details.

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