It is safe to assume that the majority of you gamers out there have at one point or the other played Mario. The game is without doubt a classic and still remains extremely fun until today. Previous games of the Mario franchise have kept to the original formula, albeit with slightly different gameplay and new graphics, but the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS will be the first Mario game ever to offer gamers downloadable content (DLC). The DLCs will be paid, of course, and will be made available after the game has launched. This was confirmed by European Nintendo president. Satoru Shibata during this morning’s Nintendo Direct conference where the new 3DS was announced. The DLC levels will not be part of the game’s main story and will instead be added to the game’s new Coin Rush mode, which for those unfamiliar will allow players to mine for money with the total being shared via StreetPass for other players to beat, if they can.

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