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The Nintendo Switch’s Sales Have Finally Overtaken The 3DS
For a long time, the Nintendo 3DS was one of the company’s most popular and best-selling consoles. It wasn’t hard to see why, given that the Wii U was a flop, plus the ability to take your favorite game on the go was immensely appealing. However, it seems that the Nintendo Switch has managed to dethrone the 3DS.

It Looks Like The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Discontinued
When the Nintendo Switch was first launched, many wondered about the fate of the 3DS handheld console from the company. After all, the Switch offered similar portability features, but could play more modern games. However, at that time the company stated that they would continue making 3DS consoles.

YouTube App For The Nintendo 3DS Will Be Shutting Down In September
Nintendo’s 3DS is more than just a handheld gaming console. The console also comes with support for some apps, such as the YouTube app that allows gamers to watch videos on their consoles, a nice break from just playing games all day. However, if you do use the YouTube app quite a bit, you might be disappointed to learn that the app will be going away in September.

No, The Nintendo Switch Lite Won’t Be Replacing The 3DS
When Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch console, it seemed as though they might be replacing the 3DS console. This is because the Switch offered up a portable gaming experience, new features, and new games, but Nintendo later explained why they were keeping the 3DS around.


Nintendo Has No New First-Party 3DS Games To Announce
According to the rumors, Nintendo could have a new Switch console in the works that is expected to be a cheaper version of the current Switch, where it will only be playable in handheld mode. This led to speculation that Nintendo could finally be going about potentially replacing their 3DS lineup.

Nintendo Explains Why They’re Still Keeping The 3DS Around
With the Nintendo Switch offering up a bigger display and more powerful hardware, it made sense that many believed that the Switch was designed to replace not just the Wii U, but also potentially the 3DS due to the fact that it could be taken around just as easily as it could be plugged into a TV.

Nintendo Celebrating E3 2018 With A Sale On Switch & 3DS Games
If you’ve been meaning to get your hands on some Nintendo Switch and/or 3DS titles but felt that some of them were a tad expensive, you’ll be pleased to learn that to celebrate E3 2018 (which has since ended), Nintendo has launched a special sale in which select games have received some pretty big discounts.

Wii U Discs & 3DS Cartridges Not Compatible With The Nintendo Switch
With Microsoft offering backwards compatibility with the Xbox One for Xbox 360 games, we’re sure some are wondering if maybe Nintendo had a similar plan for the Nintendo Switch and some of their older consoles. Interestingly enough there is some good and bad news on that front.

Nintendo Switch Does Not Look Like It Will Replace The 3DS
When Nintendo officially unveiled the Switch yesterday, they confirmed some of the earlier rumors that the console would be some kind of hybrid between a home console and a portable gaming system. The preview trailer also did a pretty good job of showing off the various ways gamers could enjoy the system while on the go.

Monster Hunter Generations To Hit The 3DS
Well, if you were always wondering what the heck is it with the Monster Hunter franchise that has been so big in Japan, especially on the Sony platforms of gaming hardware, perhaps those of you rocking to a Nintendo 3DS might want to make sure that you gear up for the release of Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo’s portable console later this summer.

Nintendo Will Not Ditch 3DS
Yes, the whole world might be excited by the fact that Nintendo will be taking the next big step in the company’s evolution, that is, by delivering games on the smartphone platform, but this move also raises several questions – will Nintendo drop their work on the portable game hardware platform? Apparently not, as Nintendo’s Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of sales and marketing, did mention that the “Nintendo 3DS […]

Dragon Quest VII & Dragon Quest VIII To See Action On The Nintendo 3DS
Right, we did bring you word a couple of months back that Dragon Quest VII will get more mobile, and here we are with word that Dragon Quest VII as well as Dragon Quest VIII will eventually be made available to those who are rocking to the highly portable and extremely popular Nintendo 3DS – although it will not happen anytime this year, but rather, appear on the mobile platform […]

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Legends Has Advantage When Played On New 3DS
I know that there are privileges associated with having the latest and greatest piece of hardware – for instance, you do not need to worry about incompatibility issues too much, and you know that whatever software that rolls out with it will work sans performance issues, no questions asked. The same applies to the 3D effects that can be found in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Legends, […]

Nintendo Wii U, 3DS Will Continue To Be Supported After NX Launch
If the rumors of the Nintendo NX are true, there is a good chance that we might be able to see the console launched in July of 2016, which conveniently enough is right after E3 which is when Nintendo will officially take the wraps off the console. That being said we’re sure some gamers are wondering what will happen to Nintendo’s other consoles after the NX’s launch?The good news is […]

Hyrule Warriors Legends Announced For The 3DS
Back in 2014, Nintendo released Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii U and if you were wondering if you would ever get to enjoy the game on your Nintendo 3DS, you’re in luck as during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, the company has officially announced Hyrule Warriors Legends, a port of the Wii U version of the game.Now the port will not be a direct and complete port of the game. It […]

The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Is A Fun Take On The Franchise
Are you disappointed that Nintendo had nothing new to share about the Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Wii U? Well if you are, you’re probably joining a long list of gamers who feel the same way. However if you love the Zelda franchise and wouldn’t mind seeing some alternate titles, how does the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes sound to you?During the company’s E3 2015 press conference, they […]

Female Link Hinted At In Upcoming Zelda 3DS Game
The Legend of Zelda’s main character (apart from Zelda) is Link. Link is a guy character that players control as he navigates his way through the game which ultimately ends up with him rescuing the princess. That being said, it has been revealed in the past that the developers had toyed with the idea of a female Link called Linkle but she never made it into any of the games.However […]

New Nintendo 3DS To Arrive In North America This February
It was just yesterday that we brought you word on how the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition is shaping up for a release, and here we are with news that there is a brand new Nintendo 3DS that is making its way over to North America in February – one day before Valentine’s Day, to be exact. Yes sir, you might want to next mark down February 13th on your calendar, […]

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Looks Good
Nintendo is famous for rolling out many different designs for the same console – and this particular trait really took off with the Game Boy’s phenomenal success. Having said that, what you see above happens to be the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition, and boy does it look special in its own right. In fact, Nintendo has already invited a second wave of fans who are interested to pick up this […]

Mario And Gang To Appear In Puzzles & Dragons
Nintendo has always been known to be rather protective of their characters and intellectual property, especially when it comes to them making appearances in different ways and areas. However, this does not mean that Nintendo did not “release” their characters to see action in other third party console games before – take Soul Calibur for instance, but where mobile games are concerned, they still remain off limits on the whole. […]