Don’t get me wrong, but I am not quite sure whether the definition of a “photograph recorder” is really necessary, when you can just call it a mass storage media instead. This is the path that Panasonic decided to choose with their DMR-HRT300. The boxy looking device is diminutive in nature, measuring a mere 180mm x 216mm x 69mm, and yet was designed as a central media player that will stash your collection of photos taken by a camera or smartphone, including video files from a camcorder. Heck, it goes one step further by recording TV shows courtesy of its built-in TV tuner, and there is also a DLNA server function capability as well as the ability to export any recorded TV show in either VGA or 720p resolutions. It does seem as though the Panasonic DMR-HRT300 will be headed only to the market in Japan, but maybe we might be able to see it hit the FCC in due time? It has a 500GB capacity, and will play nice with Android and iOS devices.

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