Mobile gaming on the smartphone platform did not really take off in a big way, with most of the titles being casual gaming ones, although some really did garner its fair share of fans like the Angry Birds franchise which has proved to be quite the marketing powerhouse and phenomenon across the world, even receiving its very own theme park in the process. Having said that, the PlayStation experience on the Android platform was not a happy marriage right from the start, as Sony Ericsson’s (back then) phone-cum-gaming device did not sell as well as it was hoped to do.

Sony announced that they will be opening up PlayStation certified to 3rd parties, with HTC being the first among the rest to take up that mantle, and the PlayStation Suite has also undergone a renaming convention, where it is now known as the PlayStation Mobile. No idea on whether the name change is going to be able to alter things fundamentally underneath the surface, but it is always nice to enter a situation with a renewed sense of optimism, right?

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