Portal 2 Turret replica comes with built-in motion sensor and a sound module

How big of a Portal 2 fan are you? Would you consider yourself to be a fan to the point where you’re willing to drop $300 on a 16” turret replica? If you are, you’re in luck as Gaming Heads has unveiled the 16” turret replica from Valve’s Portal 2 game. Only 750 of these bad boys will be made and they are expected to start shipping in Q4 2012 along with a certificate to ensure its authenticity. It is also expected to be motion sensor activated, therefore making it a little more interesting than a regular old statue. However if you think that this isn’t enough, adding $25 will net you the same turret replica, except that this time around it will come with a sound module that plays sounds from the game, such as in-game turret activation, search, auto search, disabled and tipped over sounds and voice samples. This particular model is limited to 350 pieces so you might want to hurry. [Turret replica pre-order] [Turret replica with sound module pre-order]

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