Stephanie Harbeson’s 21st birthday is definitely going to be a memorable one simply because of one gift from her boyfriend, Gary Hudston. As she navigated through Portal 2’s physics-based puzzles (from a custom made level, no less), the sentient computer and Portal antagonist GLaDOS had something very, very special for her – a message that transcends time and space, albeit in a geeky way.

“Stephanie Harbeson, as part of a psychological testing protocol, I am required to ask if you will do Gary Hudston the honor of becoming his wife,” blurted out GLaDOS in her trademark monotone voice, and there was no bended knee as a piece of software definitely can’t do that. This was followed by a rather humorous, “You can say no. I’m sure he’ll get over it. Eventually.”

Gary, being the knight in shining armor, was already down on one knee right behind Stephanie with an actual diamond ring which was clearly represented on the computer screen. Needless to say, we know what Stephanie’s answer was after she called it “the best birthday I could have ever wished for.”

Will they get married in a Portal 2 map as well?

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