Twitter is one useful tool in terms of communicating with one another, where not only can it be used to put up inane information about the weather as well as what you are having for your current meal, it can also be used to organize a high profile affair such as the Arab Spring uprisings last year across the Middle East. Well, someone has figured out how to use Twitter in order to make a decision for those who have trouble choosing, especially when it comes to the kind of smoothie flavor that your stomach might want.

This prototype application was developed to remove the bane of guesswork for the clueless, where it will instead gather trending data on select fruits and vegetables, while mixing a smoothie that is based on the current real time interest of the Tweeters. Known as Tasty Tweets, this prototype app relies on a Twitter API in order to track mentions of currently trending goodies. This information is then sent over to a machine which will make do with what it has based on the trending flavors, now how about that? Isn’t it more exciting than a box of chocolates?

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