There are many different kinds of portable chargers around, so just which one suits you best? I guess a lot of it is subjective, including your lifestyle as well as number of gadgets that you carry whenever you travel. For the guys who want something minimalistic, then there is the Volt Buckle which is actually part of your belt. Basically, whenever there is a thirsty gadget in the vicinity, you will be able to remove part of the buckle, attach the right connector and see the charging process commence. While doing so, you need not worry about suffering from a wardrobe malfunction at the bottom segment of your clothes.

You will be able to place an order for the Volt Buckle to have it come with a corresponding connector of your choice, where the belt itself comes with a special compartment within in order to carry that connector with you wherever you go. This smart and simple design retails for just $60 a pop on pre-order, but before that is possible, the Volt Buckle will first need to arrive at its funding goals.

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