Check out the Return of the Jedi Lego Chess Set

Lego fans, Star Wars fans, and chess fans all have something to rejoice about today, a Return of the Jedi Lego chess set. The board is the third part of a series of chess sets designed by Brandon Griffith, a member of LUGOLA(LEGO Users Group of Los Angeles). Each set in the series commemorates one of the movies in the Star Wars trilogy.

For the Return of the Jedi chess set, you can play as the Imperials on one side and the Rebels on the other. Whenever I play a Star Wars video game, I always choose Imperials, so I would probably choose the Imperial here, not to mention I’d rather have Scout Troopers as my pawns rather than Ewoks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the set will be mass produced, so fans will have to take their own stab at making the board themselves. Good job on the set Brandon, it would definitely makes me want to play chess more often with a board like that.

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