You know, getting your subjects to smile in front of a camera could prove to be a challenge, especially when you consider the kind of personalities that you need to work with at different times and seasons. Children should be easy subjects to shoot, but just in case you find it difficult to get your subjects lined up to smile, this is where the Chobi Cam Smile camera comes in handy. This is not the first Chobi Cam that we have covered, but this is one that will carve a smile on your face, regardless of whether you are 8 or 80 years old. Measuring 48mm x 48mm x 16mm, the Chobi Cam Smile will tip the scales at a mere 18 grams, and despite that size, it will feature a microSDHC memory card slot, an internal battery as well as different digital camera parts within.

Not only that, the Chobi Cam Smile will even come with a clip so that you are able to wear it on your shirt or jacket pocket for easy portability. There is also a flexible arm that comes with the Chobi Cam Smile, functioning as a base for the camera. It takes around 2 hours to juice up the Chobi Cam Smile via USB 2.0, and on a full battery, it can record up to 60 minutes of video and 90 minutes of mono audio. The asking price? Approximately $50 after conversion.

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