Kodak is set to release its long-anticipated Super 8 film camera, originally announced at CES 2016. The company has updated the camera’s product page, allowing interested customers to sign up for potential purchases.

The camera is expected to be available in limited quantities in the US from December 4th, with subsequent releases in Canada, the UK, and other European markets, retailing for $5,495 (significantly higher than initially suggested).

Kodak’s new Super 8 camera. (Image: Kodak)

Initially, in 2016, Kodak aimed for a price range between $400 and $750. By 2018, this estimate had increased to $2,500 to $3,000. The current price positions the Super 8 camera as a niche product, especially considering vintage Super 8 cameras are available for a fraction of the cost.

Despite the high price, the camera offers a mix of classic film features with modern touches, including a four-inch LCD viewfinder, a microSD card for audio recording, and a Micro HDMI output for external monitor connection.

However, the choice of a Micro USB charging port has been noted as a less-than-modern convenience. Kodak encourages those interested, despite the price, to sign up for more details through a reservation form. It’s worth noting that shooting on film can be costly, with a $35 Super 8 film cartridge providing only approximately two and a half minutes of 24fps footage, prompting users to be selective in their shots.

While the high cost may limit its appeal, the Kodak Super 8 camera combines nostalgia with modern features for those passionate about traditional filmography.

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