Wait a minute here, you say. How the heck can a life vest actually come in handy when one suffers from a cardiac arrest? Well, the answer is pretty simple actually – the person wearing it is not drowning away in a pool of water, but his or her heart has stopped beating temporarily. You as the caregiver will need to deliver rapid cooling to the patient before any brain damage occurs after a cardiac arrest, which is where this life vest comes in handy. Thanks to the efforts of researchers at Hohenstein Institute in Boennigheim, Germany, this particular vest, when put on immediately, will be able to deliver rapid cooling to a patient.

The system makes such rapid cooling a possibility, as it does so via a zeolite cartridge which will release its contents into the volume of water located within the vest itself, cooling it via absorption into the patient. Perhaps this particular life vest might one day make its way to an AED packs, who knows? Even those without any medical knowledge will then be able to administer the right amount of care.

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