One of SNK Playmore’s money spinning franchise that has earned plenty of accolades over the years would include Metal Slug 3, where this particular title has now arrived on the mobile platform – in particular devices that run on the iOS and Android operating systems. Of course, Windows Phone owners will just have to sit this one out, but if you happen to own an iOS or Android powered device, you will be able to make use of different weapons as well as Slugs to knife and shoot your way through numerous enemies, often relying on your lightning fast reflexes to get the job done and end up as a survivor on the battlefield – while rescuing Prisoners of War, too.

Metal Slug 3 has long been touted to be one of the most highly praise title in the series, delivering refined balance, non-stop action as well as plenty of content to work with – and it has been deemed by many to be the highly praised title in the entire series to date. What you get on your mobile device is said to be “more than a perfect port of the original NEOGEO game”, where you will be able to enjoy the classic “Arcade Mode” in addition to a “Mission Mode” that lets you play the stage that you want, letting you live out the adage that practice makes perfect!

There is also co-operative gameplay made available over a Bluetooth connection, now how about that? It is all about teamwork here, but sometimes, your team mate might end up being more selfish than you think. It will run on Android 2.3 or later, and regardless of which platform you are playing Metal Slug 3 on, the title will retail for $6.99 after taxes.

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