Microsoft logoWhile Microsoft has been busy working on new versions of its operating system that it gives to OEMs to build, there’s a chance that it could build its own phones in the future. According to an interview with CRN, Steve Ballmer was asked about Microsoft building its own smartphone. While Ballmer didn’t answer the question directly, he didn’t rule out the possibility either. Sure, that’s a lot to infer from the lack of a direct response, but Ballmer did mention that Microsoft would leave no “stone unturned” in its innovation battle against Apple – which sounds like a Microsoft smartphone could arrive sometime in the future.

In the meantime it looks like Microsoft is going to be focusing on getting Windows 8 out, along with its Surface tablet, while at the same time working with OEMs to produce Windows Phone 8 devices. With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, it feels like the company is taking steps to make its own smartphone. What do you think?

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