Mother hacks school computers to change her childrens gradesIf there’s one thing my mother never did for me (thankfully) it would be hack into my school’s computers to change my grades – and getting caught in the process. Well, the children of Catherine Venusto had a chance to experience that. According to reports, Venusto, a former employee of the Northwestern Lehigh School District in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, was charged on three counts of unlawful use of a computer and computer trespassing.

The lady was said to have used the passwords of the superintendent and 9 other employees to access the system’s student records to change the grades of her children. For her daughter – a failing grade turned into a medial exception, while her son’s grade was bumped up from 98% to 99% (why she even bothered, I have no idea). She’s probably never allowed near a school computer again, but after a $30,000 fee to be bailed out, I guess she probably learnt her lesson. I wonder how the kids felt about it. What’s the most outrageous thing your mother has ever done for you?

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