If you’ve enjoyed ASUS’ tablet releases so far, it seems that the company has a new tablet planned and it goes by the model number TF500T. It could be the model for a model they’ve shown off in the past, but it sure sounds pretty new to us! Needless to say that only its shape and model number was revealed in its FCC filing and other more interesting details, like its hardware specs, software, its design and etc. remain somewhat of a mystery for now, although somewhat generic specs such as WiFi, HDMI and a microphone were listed.  In any case based on its shape alone, we’re pretty sure that we’re looking at a tablet here but who knows, right? We will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information on this mysterious ASUS TF500T, but if you have an inkling as to what it is or want to speculate, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

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