AT&T logoIf you’re still relying on AT&T’s 2G technology and you’re living in Oakland, you may or may not have realized that suddenly your 2G service has stopped working, or the signal might not be as strong as it once was. This is because AT&T has temporarily shut down 2G frequencies around the city due to the Oakland police and the FCC complaining that AT&T’s 2G cell towers are interfering with the police’s brand new $18 million radio system. As it stands there have been reports that the radio system was not functioning as well as expected, although it got noticeably worse when patrol cars were within a quarter of a mile of AT&T’s 2G cell towers, thus leading to them to suspect that the cell towers might be causing interference. In any case as AT&T’s 2G subscribers are only a small portion of its network, there shouldn’t be too many people affected. If you are one of those affected, let us know in the comments below!

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